Virtual sports betting

Virtual sports are fictional races based on real life sports statistics. On you can place bets every moment of the day on 4 different virtual sport bettings. Every 4 minutes a new race will start, so you never have to wait for non-stop action. You can follow a dazzling 3D representation of the race with live comment  so you instantly know if you’re winning! With a maximal stake your winnings can go up to € 10.000,-!

What kind of virtual sports can I play on

What is your favourite sport? Do you like the excitement of cycling, or do you prefer to bet on greyhounds? If you want more speed, place a bet on motorsport! The most popular virtual sport is virtual horse racing. Begin with a minimal stake to find out what your favourite virtual sport is.

Virtual sports

How do you play virtual sports?

The main goal of virtual sports betting is to predict the winner. Place multiple bets to increase your winning chances! These are the steps to place bets on virtual sports:

  1. Select a virtual sport
  2. Choose your favourite(s) based on all kinds of statistics
  3. Enjoy the race
  4. Collect your winnings!

Consider the available statistics with your choice of bet to make a winning combination.