Top 5 dice slots

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Multi Dice

Number 5: Multi Dice

In this classic slot game you can win up to 160 times your wager amount because of the ‘Mystery Dice’ and ‘Wild Dice’. You can use the ‘Wild Dices’ (Chinese symbol) as a joker to form a winning combination. When you’ve collected three ‘Mystery Dice’ star symbols you can count on a huge profit!

Number 4: Take it or not!

If you are not familiar with dice games, you should definitely give ‘Take it or not’ a try. Form rows with three identical symbols to unlock the bonus round and to win extra points and a huge profit!

Take it or not
Mega Spinner

Number 3: Mega Spinner

Mega Spinner is a classic dice game with an Jackpot of up to € 25.000,- . In the bonus round you can spin the ‘Wheel of Fortune’ to win multipliers and bonuspoints.

Number 2: Big Hit

Big Hit is made in Blitz style where you can win amazing prices in the bonus round. Place three bonus symbols on a win line to unlock the bonus round and win prices like the Jackpot, Mystery’s and extra points.

Big Hit
Mystery Dragon

Number 1: Mystery Dragon

Mystery Dragon is the favorite game of a lot of players on Will you tame the dragon and place three bonus symbols on a row? In that case you may open the dragon egg and win as much as 25 Mystery games!