Play Dice Games at offers a wide variety of Dice Games so that every online casino player can find his or her favourite casino game. Because of its many gaming features and bonus rounds, our online dice games are a real online gaming hit in Belgium. You can choose your own bet amount since there are many different bet options on Furthermore, you can test our games first in demo modus before playing for real money.

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How to play dice games

The goal of playing Dice Games is to get as much points as possible. By placing matching symbols diagonally or horizontally in a grid you will earn points. By making the right decisions you can win extra play money, free spins and a jackpot which can reach € 25.000. To increase your chances of winning you need skills, strategy and a pinch of luck.

You can multiply your score with 1.5 by gaining points in 2 or 3 courts or even double if you earn points in all courts.

Dice Games

Mystery Games

If you unlock the mystery games by making the right combinations, you can win up to 100 times your own stake amount with a maximum of € 500,-!  Big Hit and Mystery Dragon are one of the favourites on where you can play Mystery Games.

Every year it gets more exciting and there will be even more games!